Looking for Medical Enhancements? Look No Further Than Our Advanced SKIN+

Customizable Microneedling and Laser Treatments and More

Treatments are targeted and more corrective to target obvious skin imperfections. Some treatments may contain little more heat or downtime but eye popping, wow factor results. All treatments are customized to our clients needs.


Think all the benefits of microneedling but with added heat (radio frequency) for skin tightening to give remarkable results. This treatment helps to reduce pore size, fine lines and wrinkles, texture, acne scarring and tightens the skin (collagen and elastin building). The crème de la crème of needling.

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Holistically rejuvenating your skin, this minimally invasive treatment creates invisible “micro-injuries” in the surface of the skin. This triggers collagen and elastin production, minimises scarring and hyperpigmentation, allowing products to penetrate deeper into skin to uncover a fresh new canvas. 

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AKA Baby Fraxel. Getting you closer to glowing skin in just 30 minutes! A gentle fractional laser that significantly smooths skin, brightens stubborn pigment and plumps collagen. For the best results we recommend doing it in a series!

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Because not everyone wants filler. Using laser energy to gently rejuvenate the lips by stimulating collagen in the skin for a smoothing and plumping effect. It’ll improve the overall hydration and colour of the lips and even enhances lip filler results (more pout!)


Because skin can be moody y’know? This three step, dual action laser safely shrinks and sterilises overactive sebaceous glands that cause acne bacteria while simultaneously treating stubborn pigmented marks that acne leaves behind. All packed up in a 60 minute, comfortable, no downtime treatment!

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The no downtime peel. Using laser energy to the surface of the skin to encourage collagen production by gently warming up the upper layers of the skin leaving a smoother, brighter and radiant skin tone without all the redness and burning that comes from a typical chemical peel.

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A skin tightening fan favourite. This dual laser process gently heats the skin’s deepest layers while leaving the skin unharmed allowing safe, precisely controlled and effective delivery of laser pulses to the treatment areas. A relaxing 60 minute treatment that will leave you looking plump and glowing! Best for sagging skin, jowling and signs of ageing.

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Your deep collagen and remodelling treatment. This ablative laser creates deep channels in the skin to break up damaged tissue to regenerate fresh, new skin. Targeting deeper wrinkles,  fine lines, thick skin, rough skin texture and tone, large pores and aggressive sun damage. Downtime: 7 days 

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Laser Lift + Weekend Peel + Repair in One! A unique blend of lasers targeting all regions of the face to improve age-related imperfections, addressing fine lines, sagging skin, texture and cellulite. Downtime: 3-4 days 

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Ever regret that small tattoo on your lower back? Our RethINK tattoo treatments target black and blue ink that are housed in the deeper layers using Q Switch technology. By shattering the coloured ink into smaller pieces in the deeper layers of the skin, the body can naturally release the ink through lymphatic drainage. Recommended to be done in a series. 

PS. We only treat small tattoos!

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Tired of going for those painful monthly waxes? Say goodbye to unwanted hair, ingrowns and skin irritation. Using a true laser to safely heat up, target and destroy the hair follicles at the root no matter the skin type or hair type. Safe, effective, quick and comfortable! 

Packages of 4, 6 and 8 sessions available for small, medium, large and large+ areas

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Bye bye spots! This customizable laser significantly reduces the appearance of pores, and targets and treats hyperpigmentation, discoloration and redness for brighter, calmer, more even-toned skin. A great treatment to rejuvenate and wake up the skin for an overall glow!

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