Frequently Asked Questions

Why should medical facials be part of my skincare routine?

We wouldn’t wait until our later years to start going to the dentist or doctor when our teeth or body needs serious help, so why do we do this for our skin?

Common practice is to use products first and not consider professional treatments until later in life, but we really encourage you to rethink and flip this model. Products are great for daily maintenance, but even the best products cannot penetrate and stimulate cell turnover in the layers of skin that our technology can reach.

Regular laser, IPL, and dermal infusion facials counters the effects of aging and sun damage by stimulating collagen, deeply hydrating skin with medical-grade ingredients, and breaking down melanin build-up. Investing in professional treatments regularly will increase your skin’s elasticity, brightness and clear complexion.

Ok, so how often should I be getting treatments?

Your Skinvestment Advisors (SA) will work with you to develop and build your own Skinfolio product and treatment plan. Generally our Liquid treatment can be done once a week, and Light (IPL) and Laser treatments every 3-4 weeks.

Your Skinfolio membership allows you the flexibility to build your own treatment plan based on your skin goals and appointment preferences (our treatments are only 30 minutes but you can combine treatments in one appointment if you have time). Your skin is unique, so come by to chat, and we will be happy to give you suggestions that will be specific to you.

What’s the difference between Skinfolio and other laser clinics?

Even though laser technology has been around for quite a while, it is still serious and can cause burns and scarring if it’s a lower quality machine or administered poorly. Great results come from top-of-the-line machines and knowledgeable experts. At Skinfolio, we only choose lasers from top laser companies that are Health Canada and FDA approved that yield clinically proven results. Our lasers are made by the same companies as the ones that supply opthalmological and urological lasers to hospitals. Physician directed clinics like Skinfolio have stricter standards, which is part of the reason why we have a large physician client following. All our laser technicians are certified by laser safety on our equipment and must have at least 2 years of experience.

When should people start getting professional treatments?

Just like with financial investment, the earlier you start, the higher your long-term results! We understand that in your 20s, you may not see a need to start getting professional treatments, but your youthful skin will look that way much longer if you start maintaining it with our treatments and products early. We make sure our machines are set at a low and safe level so that anyone can enjoy the benefits of our core facials, even teens. The Liquid treatment is also ideal for teens to get monthly as it helps decrease acne and build a clearer complexion. Share your Skinfolio membership with the teenager in your home!

Are treatments safe during pregnancy?

Of course, we always say safety first so we recommend that women avoid the Light (IPL) and Laser facials until after they’ve given birth. However, the Liquid facial with just the hydration serum is safe to do throughout pregnancy. Our SAs can also work with you on any skin changes from pregnancy and postpartum hormones.

My skin is super sensitive - how do I know your machines and products are safe for me?

We know skin can be sensitive, normal, oily or dry, but we ultimately look at whether the skin is healthy or unhealthy. Often, sensitive skin can be an indicator that certain ingredients in skincare or makeup are causing irritation. ALL skin can and should benefit from our medical- grade treatments, and we will certainly take the time to learn about your skin and modify anything necessary so that you get excellent results without abnormal reactions.


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