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Our physician-run clinic has spent years crafting this portfolio of services essential to achieving your ideal skin. Say goodbye to expensive products and hello to Skinfolio 5™.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Skinfolio 5?

Skinfolio 5 is a list of services that everbody needs. These services have been refined down to the essentials by our physician-run staff.

What's the difference between Hydra Facials & Liquid Facials?

They are both very similar! Hydra Facial is just the brand name for a "Liquid" Facial which we offer here at Skinfolio. A 'liquid' facial like none other. It helps exfoliate dead skin cells and eliminate bacteria and dirt. Relaxes, hydrates, results in skin radiance. Booster options available for $20 (Vitamin C/ PoreClarifying/ Lumixyl).

How Do I Eliminate Dark Circles Under Eyes?

With our Skinfolio 5 Treatments! We recommend the Tightening & Collagen Stimulation that
leverages the use of heat-sculpting results in a slimmer face, collagen stimulation and youthful appearance.

Should I do Laser Hair Removal with a IPL (Light)?

Simply, the answer is no. An IPL is an Intense Pulse Light. Lasers can target energy with a single wavelength. With lights, there are many bandwidths being used. People with light hair or light skin may work with IPL's but not all skin types. Physician-run clinics like Skinfolio only uses True Lasers for Laser Hair Removal.